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Stay and love me only

You want and need your loved one to come close to you, stay with you, call you and desire you – only. Lord, please make it so that you are the most important person – no one else compares to you!

You now possess what we feel is a combination of very powerful supplies. We chose 7 items because we feel this is a symbol of luck which can be carried directly to you.

You may keep the bag directly on you or in a safe place such as in your bedroom, car or pillow.

Use the leftover oil to anoint it (3 drops) once a week. After 1 year bury or destroy your bag and get a new one.

Receive a different color bag for each condition. Each bag is made with your special purpose in mind. Here is what you get with each bag: The Master Power Bag, Oil, Herbs, Root, Personal Lucky Stone, Special Power Seal, Sachet Powder, and easy directions how to use.


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I want and need my loved one to come close to me, call me, and desire me-only. Lord, please make it so that I am the important person- no one else!


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